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Five Christian Movies Which You Cannot Afford to Miss

As a Christian who wants to grow in your faith, you have to find movies that will help build your faith in God. This article presents some of the Christian films available that can help build your faith in God.

One of the movies that you have to watch is one titled War Room. This movie was produced in 2015 and reminded people about the power of prayer. The film especially reminds couples to fight for their marriage. This movie illustrates the power of prayer as the strategy for fighting the war that people will face in their lives and particularly concerning marriage.

The second movie that you have to watch to build your faith and entertain you at the same time is Fireproof, which was produced in 2008. This film at is about a man who worked as a firefighter. He went for a 40-day journey so that he can save his relationship with his wife. He ended up established in a relationship with God, which worked to bless his life and family. This movie can be an excellent reminder of the love that God has for his children on earth as you look at the details of the story.

You must also look out for a movie titled The Shack. This one was produced in 2017, and it can be an excellent way for you to see the heart of God for his children. The storyline regards a man who ended up in depression after losing his daughter, who was very precious to him. In the moment of sorrow, he got to encounter God, and he learned so much, even in his condition.

You must also not miss out on the Passion of the Christ, which was produced in 2004. This movie from GOD TV concerns the story of the life of Jesus Christ and the crucifixion that he undertook for the sake of humanity. This movie might be the strength you need for difficult situations because it will remind you of the love that God has for you and the whole world.

A movie titled Miracles from Heaven is another one that you should watch. Produced in 2016, it talks about a little girl who suffered from a rare digestive disorder. Her condition changed when she tumbled down a tree and got to visit heaven. This movie can bring the inspiration you need to hold on and not give up, particularly if you are facing difficulties in your family. Discover more information about religions, go to

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